Currently for your safety and security we accept Bitcoin and a Voucher which you can pay with Paypal. We have experienced that accepting credit cards direct for these items has caused a high rate of transaction fees by the credit card processors. If we take Credit Cards direct we found we must raise our prices higher to cover these fees, up to 20% higher. So we take a voucher from and have worked with them repeatedly for a long time. They are a trustworthy and reputable company that we never had issues with. If you use and do not get a confirmation or any issue; please just contact us we can go into the system and look for items and help you. We only ask that you give us time to sort out any errors; however using SAFEVOUCHERS does two things. One, It allows us to keep our pricing low so you SAVE money. Two, it allows you to pay with paypal or other forms (Stripe should be coming soon if not already up) for your ease of ordering and safety.

It was our decision to utilize these payment forms currently and we are constantly reviewing and adding charge forms. IF we take direct payment we might have add on charges to cover those fees; so for now this is the safest and cheapest way for you to order with us.