Shipping is from India and ships Airmail or EMS. Currently to USA there is NO tracking for Airmail orders. You can see that the package has been sent but the USPS has stopped doing tracking for registered airmail packages. If you order EMS shipping it is faster, safer, and has a live updatable tracking number. We strongly for security and safety hope you use EMS.

USPS is supposed to leave a note if they can not deliver your package, the shipping takes two to three weeks via Airmail on AVERAGE so if you do not get a package check your post office to see if they are holding it. Should a package NOT get delivered they return it to us and that can take 2-4 months. We can NOT issue refunds for items that do not show up until they are RETURNED to us. We will do our best always to work with our clients but due to fraudulent activity we have had issues on airmail packages with clients lying about orders. Your satisfaction is our priority however if we can not immediately help we kindly ask you do understand, we do not want your one order and payment, we want your continual businesses.

Airmail is 16.00 USD No tracking services to USA, takes 2-3 weeks on Average

EMS is 26.00 USD with Tracking and takes 1-2 weeks on Average